Maltreated Frigate

Walther König, 2007

Malträtierte Fregatte, 2007


This artist book spectacularly documents John Bock's action
MALTREATED FRIGATE, which represents the height as well
as the culmination of his performative work. His vision comes to
life In a multitude of colored illustrations. The libretto, printed in
its entirety, explodes in linguistic fireworks and tumbles down
to the ground, solid in its earthiness, ready to be constructed
into a jumble of awesomely bizarre and whimsical neologisms -
a vivid testimony to the artist's zest for expression.

The MALTREATED FRIGATE premiered in Berlin, in the autumn
of 2006.  It is a spectacle in ten scenes, an artistic action, intertwining
genres of rock opera, theater of the absurd, animated
sculpture and puppet show. This book invites you to accompany
the artist and his protagonists on a tour de force, along a powerful
stream of consciousness. It is a violent ride on a machine from
hell, steered by an idiosyncratic inner logic.

Texts by Daniela Zyman & Andreas Schlaegel, Interview by Catherine Wood

Softcover, Collogne 2007, 4 to 208 pages with 300 col. images, text in german and english

Published by Walther König Verlag