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John Bock Films


John Bock is primarily known for his spec­tac­ular, comic-grotesque actions, in which theater, lectures, video, instal­la­tion, and sculp­ture are inter­twined. In recent years, video has moved into the fore­ground of his media and sepa­rated from the perfor­mances. From the first, rapid cuts in the short videos of his actions Bock has recently moved to clearly longer and more narra­tive films, in which he works with actors and uses real back­drops that he infil­trates with his own universe. As in his live appear­ances, here too he cele­brates a colorful world that is as profound as it is absurd, perme­ated by count­less biograph­ical, artistic, and scien­tific connec­tions but that never­the­less defies rational inter­pre­ta­tion. This exhi­bi­tion is the first to concen­trate on John Bock's genuinely cine­matic works and also offers a new film produc­tion created espe­cially for the show.


Edited by Esther Schlicht and Max Hollein. With a fore­word by Max Hollein, an inter­view with John Bock, and texts by Robin Curtis, Massi­m­il­iano Gioni, Joachim Jäger, Detta von Jouanne, Andreas Schlaegel, Georg Seeßlen, and Ian White.

German and English, 160 pp., ca. 200 color illus­tra­tions, Verlag der Buch­hand­lung Walther König, ISBN 978-3-86560-252-7.