Die Klütterkammer

Walther König, 2009

Die Kluetterkammer


The book "Klütterkammer" documents an exhibition of the same title at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 2004. The exhibition was conceived and installed by John Bock, displaying his artistic preferences. The publication works as a personal sketch book or "exercise book". The book features installation shots of the exhibition architecture and works of 35 artists accompanied by drawings of John Bock, which lay out his ideas behind the show. The middle section of the book - which stand out as two separate booksprinted on blue and yellow paper - is dedicated to the photographic documentation of two "lectures" performed by John Bock in the exhibition space. The project is introduced by a text of Jens Hoffmann, who curated the exhibition together with Claire Fitzsimmons.

Cologne 2008, 4 to 96 pages mit 67 colored images, colored drawings, 2 inserts with 16 pages each in b&w, woodcover with burned stamp